Possibilities of my workshops:

  • Individual workshop according to your needs (one on one)

  • children's birthday workshop

  • workshop for all levels at the festival

  • workshop in shopping malls

  • Intensive weekend workshop in your city for a group of enthusiasts

  • ... and much more!

I offer a huge range of tricks and workshops suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are 50, 20 or 10 years old. Anyone can spin with a hoop!

If you want something new for your event, a piece of a new circus, I'm here for you. I will bring with me all the hoops, music and skills.

What am I teaching?

  1. Beginners

  • basics - a hoop on the waist and how to keep it stable

  • hoop warming tips, basic tricks and tips

  • what to train at home

  • easy choreography for everyone, effective beginner tricks

2. intermediate

  • how to invent tricks, starting a creative process, a huge variety of tricks that you will fall in love with

  • how to spice up flow with dance moves

  • tricks: coinflips, rolls, elbows, feet, neck tricks, throws and much more!

3. Advanced / professionals

  • choreography with heavy tricks combined with dance perfectly timed to the music

  • creation of acts, creation of shows

4. Children's workshop

  • easy tricks, fun games with hoops, the basics of spinning adapted to children

Upcoming lessons and workshops

New lessons for beginners and advanced from January 2021
More information coming soon
Since the current situation does not suit us, I decided to move the hours from mid-January to the online environment of ZOOM.
There will be 1 hour per week for advanced and 1 hour for beginners with a voluntary contribution.


Aneta Jokešová



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