Unicorn Grow with the flow travel hula hoop

Special Edition of the growth hoop in unicorn tape and anti-slip tapes in chakra colors (... or rainbow? :))

A growth hoop is a hoop with which you have a choice of 2 sizes on which you can fold it. I normally sell five-piece folding hoops. The growth hoop has SIX parts. This means that you can either fold the hoop from only five parts at a time to have a smaller hoop, or add a sixth part to have a larger hoop.

That means 2 circles in one or GROW WITH YOUR FLOW :)

The dimensions of the hoops move as follows:

variant 1. largest size 100cm - 6 parts, 85 cm - 5 parts

variant 2. largest size 95cm - 6 parts, 80 cm - 5 parts

variant 3. largest size 90cm - 6 parts, 75 cm - 5 parts

variant 4. largest size 85cm - 6 parts, 70 cm - 5 parts

Beautiful handmade hula hoop hoop with strong colors, excellent quality straps, extra anti-slip tape that will help you keep the hoop on your body so that the hoop does not slip down. If you like unicorn colors - this is the right choice for you. The tape changes tones from blue to purple and pink ... all in beautiful rainbow transitions.

If you don't know which hoop size to choose, read the article: How to choose a hoop? Here you will find help on sizes, materials and how to choose a size for children.

You can choose from two variants of this hoop:


  • Dance Hoop: Still belongs to the category of heavier hoops for beginners. This means that the higher weight of the hoop will help you keep the hoop on your waist and learn all the tricks gradually. Excellent for spinning on the body and mastering the basic tricks of hoop dance. The diameter of the tube is 20 mm (so it is a bit lighter than a fitness hoop). I recommend it for those who do not only want to spin at the waist, but also learn basic tricks, for example in the hands. For beginners, I recommend a hoop with a diameter of 90 cm.


  • Polypro 20mm is a bit lighter and faster than a regular hoop for beginners. That is, it will allow you all the tricks in your hands. Polypro is excellent for spinning outside the body. I recommend polypro to those who already own a beginner hoop and want to move to a higher level ...

If you still need advice, do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

Unicorn Grow with the flow travel hula hoop

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