Ultimate Hooper Travel hula hoop Backpack

The round hoop backpack holds everything you can think of. In addition to taking hoops with you anywhere, the backpack is highly practical, waterproof and can hold larger purchases, drinks, a laptop, up to 6 of your favorite hula hoop and much more.

Our luxury waterproof backpack , which is also a cover for hoops, has no competition on the world market. We have developed and tested this product for you in the Czech Republic. It is sewn by the hand of the experienced seamstress Beata Horenová (BBAGS) and tested in a demanding environment by a professional artist - me.

Want to see a backpack live?

Take a look HERE .

We make your backpack to measure.

You can choose your own color combinations of the backpack. The time of making the backpack is in the range of 7-14 days. Contact us to choose colors.

Backpack diameter

  • 60cm

What hoops will fit in a backpack?

Virtually any hoop can fit in a backpack

  • 6pcs - polypro 16mm (5/8 ")
  • 4pcs - polypro and dance hoops 20mm (3/4 ")
  • 3pcs - fitness hoops 25mm (1 ")

How to ideally roll hoops into a backpack?

  • 80 - 120cm hoops (twisted to 1/2 size)
  • 60 - 75 cm hoops (two hoops joined together and then twisted to 1/2 size, or each separately, partially twisted). Do not fold small hoops to 1/2 size. There is a risk of their cracking and excessive wear of the material.

What can you find in a backpack?

  • In addition, you get a small pocket in the color of a backpack, for example, for controls from hoops, wax and other necessities.
  • Back zip pocket for all valuables (outdoor, on the back), inside the pocket there is another small pocket exactly for the phone
  • Internal large zip pocket
  • 2 front magnet pockets for small items or a bottle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (can be unbuckled)
  • Reinforced straps for all-day carrying of the backpack
  • Reinforced backpack back for strength and comfortable wearing
  • Strap for carrying a backpack in hand

Backpack design

100% Waterproof fabric, backpack diameter 60cm, machine washable

Ultimate Hooper Travel hula hoop Backpack


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