Sectional travel 80cm Polypro 20mm

Sectional travel Polypro hoop 20mm on sale in size 80cm. Hoopologie Original material directly from the USA to your hands. The most luxurious goods that can be bought worldwide.


You can choose these color combinations:

1. Carribbean breeze + Poseidon

2. Electra + Indigo bliss

3. Dragon + Toxic green


Pearlescent shades , which look different in every light, will never bore you. Polypro 20mm is also beautifully light and really the most pleasant material in the hand.


The hoop is composed of 4 colored parts, which are firmly connected by 4x click connection (click connection shown in the last photo). So you can disconnect them and transfer and reassemble them at any time. Because the joint is very strong, I guarantee you that the hoop will not spring anywhere and is not loose.


I recommend polypropylene hoops as a choice of the second hoop. Flow with them moves into a completely different dimension :) Believe me, you want to have this at home.


Say STOP to abraded tapes! From now on, you can shoot on any surface. Colored hoops polypro 20mm are ideal for your training with multiple circles, or brisk flow with one circle.


The hoop is equipped with anti-slip tape on the inner circumference of the hoop. I highly recommend applying Hoop wax - anti-slip wax to these hoops instead of anti-slip tape.

Sectional travel 80cm Polypro 20mm

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