Velvet natural Polypro hula hoop

Velvet milk polypro in sizes 16mm (5/8 ") and 20mm (3/4"). Light as a feather, velvety soft. Ideal as a training hoop for those who do not want to deal with the replacement and scratching of decorative strips and experience a soft feeling of smooth flow.

In addition, as a bonus, they can be folded to a smaller size and attached to a backpack, for example :) As a standard, they are made on a click connection (detachable). Ideal for travel.

I recommend the polypropylene hoop as the choice of the second hoop. Flow moves with him to a completely different dimension :) Believe me, you want this at home.

Say STOP to abraded tapes! From now on, you can shoot on any surface.

If you don't know which hoop size to choose , read the article: How to choose a hoop? Find help here.


1. Variant without anti-slip - For hoops without straps, I recommend purchasing an anti-slip WAX for hoops , which serves as a replacement for the anti-slip inner tape.

2. Variant with anti-slip tape (write the color of the tape to the note in the order, I have perhaps all the colors you can remember)

3. Variant with crossed straps - creates a beautiful effect when turning and is anti-slip over its entire surface.

If you still need advice, do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

Velvet natural Polypro hula hoop

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