Pink glow in the dark hula hoop

Beautiful handmade hula hoop hoop with strong colors, excellent quality straps, extra anti-slip tape that will help you keep the hoop on your body so that the hoop does not slip down.

How does it work?

The yellow tape is photoluminescent. All you have to do is illuminate the ring with a flashlight, a phone, or expose it to any light. Do you remember the stars on the ceiling as children? This is exactly the color that the hoop shines when it goes out. It shines beautifully :)

TIP: The best lighting is under UV light. Great choice for festivals and summer!

If you don't know which hoop size to choose, read the article: How to choose a hoop? Here you will find help on sizes, materials and how to choose a size for children.

You can choose from 6 variants of this hoop:


  • Fitness hoop: The heaviest hoop of all offered variants. Slower turning guarantees comfortable turning on the waist, during which you can also make other movements and thus strengthen the hoop. It is suitable for shaping the figure. The diameter of the tube is 25mm. Sizes of 100 cm and 95 cm are suitable for shaping.
  • Dance Hoop: Still belongs to the category of heavier hoops for beginners. This means that the higher weight of the hoop will help you keep the hoop on your waist and learn all the tricks gradually. Excellent for spinning on the body and mastering the basic tricks of hoop dance. The diameter of the tube is 20 mm (so it is a bit lighter than a fitness hoop). I recommend it for those who do not only want to spin at the waist, but also learn basic tricks, for example in the hands. For beginners, I recommend a hoop with a diameter of 90 cm.

2. FOLDING HOOP: I can also make this hoop as folding. This means that the hoop is divided into 5 pieces. You can easily fold them using "click links". It's very fast - about 2 minutes. I see a big advantage of this hoop in saving space. You can put it in a bag or backpack without anyone knowing about it. I think everyone should have a hooper. I recommend a hoop with a diameter of 90 cm for a beginner and 85 cm or less for the more advanced.


  • Polypro 20mm is a bit lighter and faster than a regular hoop for beginners. That is, it will allow you all the tricks in your hands. Polypro is excellent for spinning outside the body. I recommend polypro to those who already own a beginner hoop and want to move to a higher level ... a good choice of the second hoop is polypro 20mm with a diameter of 85cm. You can still comfortably keep this hoop at the waist and in your hands. I always make them with one "click joint", so you can easily twist it up to half the size.
  • Polypro 16mm is super light and super fast. I recommend this material to those who want to start their journey with two circles or if you are passionate about off body tricks. This material really isn't suitable for long waist hoops ... it's too fast for that. I recommend a diameter of 75 cm for spinning with two, but also for a magically fast and pleasant flow with one circle. It's my favorite average. I always make them with one "click joint", so you can easily twist it up to half the size.

If you still need advice, do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

Pink glow in the dark hula hoop

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