Polypro skinny 16mm hula hoop

Say STOP to abraded tapes! From now on, you can shoot on any surface. Colored hoops polypro 16mm are ideal for you training with multiple circles, or brisk flow with one circle.

If you don't know which hoop size to choose, read the article: How to choose a hoop? You will find a little help here.

The hoop is equipped with anti-slip tape on the inner circumference of the hoop. I have all the colors of the spectrum (you can put a tape of the same color as the hoop to make it almost invisible, or involve a fantasy and choose a tape of a completely different color - there are no limits to your imagination! - WRITE THE COLOR OF ANTI-SLIP TAPE IN A NOTE


  • Polypro 16mm is super light and super fast. I recommend this material to those who want to start their journey with two circles or if you are passionate about off body tricks. This material really isn't suitable for long waist hoops ... it's too fast for that. I recommend a diameter of 75 cm for spinning with two, but also for a magically fast and pleasant flow with one circle. It's my favorite average. I always make them with one "click joint", so you can easily twist it up to half the size.

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Polypro skinny 16mm hula hoop

Hoop diameter