Crystal clear protective tape

Invisible protective film on strapped hoops.

Have you had enough scratched tapes? If you are one of those who don't care much where they shoot and then you are sad that the tapes are no longer what they used to be - then a protective film is the best choice for you.

It is a transparent tape that protects everything under it. There is almost no recognition on the hoop, it does not turn yellow and does not peel off anywhere. I dare say that the life of belted tires will definitely be extended by a few years.

Since it is another tape on the hoop, the weight of the whole hoop will increase by a few grams.

I highly recommend this tape for permormers on all circles to protrude. They will stay beautiful for a really long time :)

In the photos you can see what a hoop with a protective tape looks like and what it looks like without it - it's an almost imperceptible difference.

The price is for wrapping on 1 hoop.

Crystal clear protective tape