Hula hoops for beginners

Are you starting hooping? In that case, you will need a large and heavy hoop with which you will slowly learn the basics of hoopdance. Whether you want to dance with a hoop or just spin on your waist, everyone can choose in our e-shop.


I recommend reading the article on the right choice of hoop. See this article for all the information.


Quick guide to hoop selection:

You want to spin with the hoop only on the waist and shape the figure - I recommend 100-120cm (depending on height), fitness hoop.

If you start with a hoop and in time you want to more than spin on your waist - I recommend 90-100cm (depending on height), dance hoop


Did you not choose from the available color combinations? Write to me and I will be happy to create a hoop for you on request.


Do you also want to buy a hoop for your child?