Hoops for children

If you want to get a children hoop, follow the instructions below. You can buy the hoop for a child of any age, but I recommend it for children from about 3 years of age. The hoop will be heavier than a toy hoop, but it is equipped with anti-slip tape to prevent it from slipping.


Which hoop size to choose for children?


3 - 5 years

I recommend a size of 60cm. At this age, the child will not revolve around the waist, but will want to play mainly in the hands. So it is important that the circle is not too big for him.


5 - 7 years

I recommend a size of 65 cm, with which he can try to spin on his stomach and when he grows out of the circle, he can still play with it in his hands.


7 - 10 years

I recommend a size of 70cm. Large enough hoop to turn at the waist.