About me

Aneta Jokešová alias HOOPLANET

My name is Aneta and my secret weapons are hoops, dance and circus.

It all started in 2013, when I met a young lady at the festival who danced with a circle. That was the first impulse that gave me a hoop. It was love she first touch. I started training at home, a year later in parks and everywhere outside, and even though I didn't lose motivation even after two years of daily training, I knew THIS IS IT. The essence of my happy life.

After studying at university, I tried "busking" for the first time. It was a very strong experience for me ... to go on the street, to show my skill and especially to have to overcome shame and fear.

With a few experiences from the streets that could be counted on, I decided to take a big step into the unknown. I quit my job, everything I had, and set off for Italy, where I performed live music on the streets during the summer seasons. I have a lot of good experiences from this time (... and also bad ones), mainly it strengthened me incredibly and confirmed that the performance fills me.

But everyday life in those crazy crowded tourist centers was not for me. I knew I wanted to come back and work on myself with us ... to expand my circus skills and awareness of this wonderful discipline.

Upon my return, I immersed myself in creating workshops, building my own teaching strategy and leading groups from beginners to advanced hoopers. I love learning and I am able to spread my know-how for everyone .... yes, everyone can turn around.

I organize intensive weekend workshops for intermediate students, for example in Vienna, Prague and the whole Czech Republic. I follow you a lot and organize workshops where no one has heard of this discipline.

After training hard in recent years, I realized that people like my show and my style.

Now I perform regularly every week, I workshop, I take part in many summer festivals and I enjoy the best life I could never have imagined. I live my own dream.

THANK YOU for inviting you to your events. It would not be possible without you.

Workshops I attended:


  • Babz Robinson (2016, Prague)

  • Emma Kenna (2018, Prague)

  • Bouquet Rin (2019, Vienna)

  • SwHoop convention (2019, Bristol)



interactive theater performances for children
physical fable about the desire for freedom, friendship and courage to take off to the sky. How can we win over our fear? Let's not look into his eyes ...


a two-month intensive course for children aged 10-17
Raising a new generation of circus performers is not an easy task, but certainly the most beautiful! What is more than a spark in the eyes of our little ones?


composing LED hula hoop show for Postrpoi
Cyber theme, LED show and insanely beautiful costumes. In my direction from idea, to choreography, music to rehearsal. We gave it all in one weekend :)


show for Rinas company
We are a group of enthusiastic dancers and circus performers in one place.


organization of a weekly suburban circus camp for children from 9-12 years
all week marked by circus disciplines, hanging acrobatics, pair acrobatics, children's yoga and piles of games and entertainment.


Aneta Jokešová




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